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About Itaca

About Itaca

  • Innovation

    To Differentiate Yourself And Sell, First You Must Innovate
  • Trends

    We Bring To You Today What Will Be A Trend Tomorrow
  • Art

    We Create Art for You
  • Creativity

    We Give Shape To Your Ideas
  • Analyse

    Each Need Requires Specific And Customized Analysis Of Each Details
Company Profile
Itaca, Italian Live, is a promoter of Italian based designs in the interior of Indian homes. The prime mission behind the establishment of Itaca is the offering unique yet affordable Wall Tiles and Floor Tiles to the home and office owners. Itaca dreams to become one of the best designer Wall Tiles and Floor Tiles manufacturers in India. Itaca has introduced 30"x60",30"x30", 45"x120" Wall Tiles and 60"x 60", 60"x120" Floor Tiles for the first time in India which received overwhelming response from the clients. Magnifying the luxury of walls by Italian style tiles is the passion of Itaca. How luxurious will it be to laminate your walls with the finest creations of Italian designs!
Itca Ceramic
Brand Philosophy
Innovation, Creativity and Design, these aren’t merely words to us but the underlying core philosophy behind every single creation wearing the tag of ITACA Ceramics. The zeal to innovate, penchant for creativity and a bewitching design, sketches the soul of the brand. The journey that carved out a brand from a start-up, commenced in the year 2009. The company had very clear fundamental guiding beacons in the form of daily mission statements, which were: Manufacturing highest quality products with minimum tolerance, designing the classiest of products which have an eternal appeal and extending utterly diligent customer care. The tiles produced here not only delight the customers but also succeed in creating new benchmarks for the industry, the bars of which only go higher with every passing day.
Itca Ceramic

Vision & Mission

Company Vision & Mission

The range of products offered is directed to final users, engineers and designers specialised in residential building trade and interior architecture.
The range of products offered by Itaca Ceramic characterised by different typologies, various patterns and refined decorations satisfies the most different needs of the national and foreign markets.


Certificate Itaca

CE Certificate

CE [ Certificate of Compliance ]

The "CE" Certificate makes Itaca declares that the product meets the requirement of EC directives officially and going to be more trustable brand for the European union and other countries.
ISO Certificate

AN ISO 9001:2015 Certification from BSCIC

ISO 9001:2015 certification convey technological, economic and communal benefits. They help to orchestrate technical specifications of products and services making industry more efficient and breaking down barriers to international trade. We at Itaca achieves compliance to International Standards, and it will helps to reassure consumers that products are safe, efficient and good for the environment.

Company Strength

Company Strength

  • We have 18 Years Experiance
  • More than 12 Creative Designers
  • 1 Sink manufacturing Unit
  • 40 + export countries
  • 35 + Team Members
  • More than1000 Designs
  • Production Capacity 30,000 sq.meter/day
  • 1 Sanitary manufacturing Unit
  • 300 + Dealers
  • 250 + Projects Completed
  • 2 Wall tiles manufacturing Unit